The Buyer Persona Worksheet

Kickstart your marketing campaigns by targeting the right people


What's In the Worksheet?

✔️ The exact worksheet we use with our clients to identify their buyer persona.

✔️ How to think like your most ideal customers.

✔️ The most important questions you need to ask when you're targetting an audience of your ideal customers.

About The Authors

Cedric Face

Cedric Potvin
Founder of Vertex Marketing Agency

Passionat about digital marketing most specificly anout Facebook ads. He’s the techy guy at Vertex, and is obsessed with finding new ways to use data when making any decision with his clients accounts. 

He’s big on coffee, communication, and Kaizen - which means continuous improvement in Japanese.

Sydney Face

Sydney Switzer
Co-Founder, Vertex Marketing Agency

Sydney is a Facebook ads specialist who is always on the lookout for creative ways to catch an audience's attention. She is drawn to the visual aspects of content creation, and will always value-creating unique relationships with all her clients and customers.